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Madagascar Ruby

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Item Number: 200-01186

Ruby as beautiful as the coveted Ruby from Burma was discovered in Madagascar at the turn of the 21st Century capturing the attention of the world's gem industry and creating an epic gem rush. 20 years later the production has slowed dramatically, as the artisanal miners there keep hope for another rich find. The 2.241 carat ruby in this ring is a fine example of amazing quality Madagascar Ruby with its brilliant saturated Royal Red color. Accompanying is an American Gemological Laboratories report showing a stunning 80% brilliancy and Total Quality Integration Rating of Very Good. Ruby lives in human history as the king of precious gems and today commands higher per carat prices than any other gem species. Surrounded by brilliant F color diamonds in a custom-made 18 karat white gold ring this large Madagascar Ruby is a rare article of natural beauty. An investment, an heirloom offering great pleasure, and pride in ownership. Please call or email for the price.