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Ocean Star

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Item Number: 200-02139

Vietnamese Cobalt blue spinel is very rare and highly coveted. Even rarer is when a cobalt blue spinel displays the phenomena of color change - meaning the gem exhibits a change of color when viewed under daylight or fluorescent vs incandescent light. The 0.64ct Cobalt blue spinel gem in this ring is exactly one of those Extremely Rare color change cobalt blue spinel gems. Violetish Blue in fluorescent light changing to Purple under candlelight.
Magnificently set in this 18-karat white gold and diamond ring that has the versatility to be converted into a pendant - a prize in any jewelry collection.
Along with the phenomenal cobalt spinel it holds 6 pear shapes plus 18 round diamonds totaling 1.34 carats and is accompanied by a GIA Laboratory Spinel Report describing the spinel's origin, treatments (none), and its color change. Please call or email for pricing information.