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Pigeon's Blood Red

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Item Number: 200-02079
Extraordinary 3.35ct Burmese Ruby christened by Dr. Adolf Peretti as “pigeon’s blood red”.  Hand made in our Honolulu workshop it is precision set in a merry-go-round of baguette diamonds with the super fun feature of transforming from a ring to a pendant.  Made in platinum with 24 custom cut baguette diamonds totaling 1 carat.  Since Ruby and Sapphire where first traded millennia ago, they were heated finishing what nature started in hopes of improving the color and appearance in the heat process.  Today with current technology this process has become more profound with higher temperatures and doping elements added.  Gem Research Swiss is one of the world’s leading gemological laboratories with the provenance and sophistication to identify a gemstone’s complete pedigree.  Dr. Peretti’s GRS report shows that this ruby has been heated and has only insignificant residue placing it in a very rare category.  A sizeable investment, we suggest you shop and compare before making a decision.  The AGS certified gemologist appraisers at Opal Fields can answer all you questions about any gem with complete, detailed information.