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Persian Turquoise Necklace

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Item Number: 235-00160
This spectacular turquoise bead necklace is from the gem collection of our partner’s 150 year old Italian jewelry manufacturing firm.  Pure natural Persian (Iranian) blue turquoise is exceedingly rare and represents the finest quality in color and hardness that this ancient gem is seen.  Suitably made for this necklace is a specially designed hand made in Italy,18 karat yellow gold and diamond clasp to be worn on the side of the body, accentuating the beauty and value of these pure blue gem turquoise beads.  Known in accent Persia as angushtar (precious gem) turquoise.  Almost all turquoise is treated with impregnation to make it durable enough to last in jewelry.  The beads in this necklace represent turquoise of the rarest quality with purity and hardness free of impregnation treatment.  Turquoise from the location producing this necklace has been mined for over 5000 years and regarded in ancient Persia as the most valuable gem known coveted by monarchs through out the world’s ancient civilizations.  Please call or email for price.