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Item Number: 230-01794

Imperial Jade is one of the most elusive and most difficult gems to find.  It is highly prized and the most valuable form of Jade.  The term or name - Imperial Jade - is perhaps one of the most confusing and abused terms in the jewelry trade.  The Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory is the world’s leading authority to identify Jade.  The HKJSL Certificate of Fei Cui (Jadeite Jade) Identification Report provides all the information needed to firmly establish the complete provenance of a jade gemstone.  To be “Imperial Jade” the report must show that the gem is Translucent with an Intense Green color and have a type “A” classification.
The delightful jade gem in this pendant meets these requirements exactly and is true “Imperial Jade”.  Masterfully carved in a Peach motif, representing prosperity and beauty.
Measuring about 1 inch long (20.05mm) it is set in an 18-karat white gold and diamond pendant setting.
Exceedingly rare - it is a great investment and will provide much pride and pleasure in ownership.  Please call or email for the price.