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New Era

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Item Number: 200-02111

Alexandrite is one of the most exotic and rare gems available. All the gems in the phenomenal group of gems have captured the attention of wealthy and aristocratic gem buyers but none more than alexandrite displaying the phenomena of color change. Fine alexandrite changes from Blue or Green in daylight to Red in candle or incandescent light. Sapphire by day, Ruby by night. Discovered in the Ural mountains of Russia in the early 19th century this form of Chrysoberyl was named Alexandrite after the Russian Tsar Alexander II. Known mostly among the aristocratic elite and rarely seen, Russian Alexandrite commanded very high prices trading among only the wealthiest gem buyers. Living mostly in legend alexandrite was copied when the technology to produce a man made sapphire that displayed the color change phenomena was invented at the beginning of the 20th century. Before consumer law could take affect, this material was called alexandrite and was traded for very little money.
Production of fine alexandrite was never robust and a century after its discovery in Russia became virtually non-existent.
As the 20th century progressed some nice quality gems trickled out from other sources in Asia and Brazil but had little impact in the market.
Then, about 1980 dramatically beautiful gems began to appear prolifically with Brazil being the source. These gems were so amazing and beautiful the leading gem laboratories refused to identify them as natural. They thought the Brazil producers had invented a new man made gem and scrambled to figure out how they did it.
Then the producers invited leading laboratory and gem expert authorities to the mine site in Hematita Brazil to witness the production seeing the rough materiel as it was excavated.
This represented a new era for alexandrite and brought this gem back to the attention and fascination of the gem buyer. To this day this area of Brazil is known as Nova Era (New Era).

The Brazilian Hematita alexandrite in this ring represents the fine quality this material is so famous for. Dramatic, excellent color change with both exhibited colors saturated and lustrous. It weighs 1.12 carats and is a rare, classic emerald cut shape and is surrounded by Grunberger Diamonds - precision cut hearts and arrows diamonds in a custom made platinum ring setting. Accompanying this alexandrite is an American Gem Laboratory Prestige Gemstone Report. Please call or email for price.