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Marianne and Umberto

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Item Number: 150-00665

Umberto king of Italy was the most eligible bachelor of this time, young handsome and Royal. Marianne, pure and beautiful wearing the Phrygian cap, the symbol of liberty and the proud French citizenry. The handsome Italian king and the beautiful French women - a romance minted in gold. Wonderfully crafted these earrings feature a 20 Francs Marianne Rooster gold coin and the 20 Lire Italian Umberto I Gold Coin framed in custom made 14 karat white gold bezels that are precision set with brilliant diamonds. Articulating from white gold omega clip earring tops where the coin ornaments can be removed from the tops and exchanged with other ornaments or you can wear the tops alone as fashionable earrings on their own. Please call or email for price.