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Flying Honu (Sea Turtle)

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Item Number: 060-00254

In 14 karat white gold with a 14.8 carat boulder black opal and precision cut diamond eyes.
Opal Fields’s signature flying honu (sea turtle) pendant represents a rich tradition in island life style jewelry. Each one is made in Honolulu Hawaii and is on-of-kind featuring its own unique natural Queensland boulder black opal. The opal in this piece especially unique, because it shows an attribute sought by many collectors exhibiting a window resulting from an intersecting opal vein. Enthusiasts believe that the “window” allows the gem to focus additional energy to the wearer. In the second image, the piece is illuminated from the back showing how light energy is transmitted through the secret window in this gem. The green sea turtle is perhaps Hawaii’s most beloved creature of the sea and seeing a honu gracefully flying though the ocean water is always a special and moving experience. The Opal Fields’ signature flying honu pendant captures the romance of that experience so you can have it with you where ever you go . . .