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Edison Pearl Necklace

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Item Number: 325-00285

Although he tried diligently, Thomas Edison was never able to invent a method for laboratory created pearls or diamonds. Perhaps a bit of back-handed homage, the latest product of the growing scientific and technological sophistication of fresh water pearl making are called Edison Pearls. These incredible fresh water pearls are the rarest of their kind and exhibit vivid metallic luster colors that previously were achieved only through dyeing. This pearl necklace is created with 35 magnificent vivid pink colored round shape Edison pearls measuring an impressive 11.4 to 14.3mm size and is sewn with a 14 karat gold and diamond bead clasp. The exact methods to create these tantalizing orbs are the result of advanced arduous genomic studies and meticulous grafting techniques and are the industry’s most closely guarded secret.