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Item Number: 200-02166

When you think of earth floating in the vast cosmos the rarity represented is difficult to comprehend. Of course, we know there are other earth-like planets in the universe but extremely rare compared to all the other celestial formations.

It is with this inspiration that this extremely rare Cat's Eye Alexandrite ring is titled, "Earth". Designed by Opal Fields' Designer of the Year award-winning jewelry designer, Eiko Dunster. Masterfully crafted in 18 karat white gold this ring features a 0.55ct Cat’s Eye Alexandrite with 33 diamonds weighing 1.25 carats.

Unusual compared to other known planets, Earth is indeed phenomenal. In the world of rare gems, some of the most sought-after are those in the phenomenal category where the gem produces an unusual effect with light. Discovered in Russia during czar Alexander's reign, Alexandrite is one of the rarest and most expensive of the phenomenal gems. The phenomena Alexandrite performs is "Color-Change". Known as Emerald by day, Ruby by night, changing color from Blue/Green in sunlight or fluorescent light to Red in candlelight or incandescent light.

In the same gemstone family as Alexandrite - Chrysoberyl - is another highly sought rare and expensive phenomenal gem, cat's eye Chrysoberyl. The phenomenon this gem exhibits is chatoyancy. It’s appearance is reminiscent of the reflection from a cat's eye created by the reflection of light from aligned, fine silk-like crystals inside the gem. If you use two pen lights and move them over the gem in opposite directions, the gem will appear as an eye-opening and closing and in their finer quality can trick your eye, making the gem appear to be floating in space or levitating.

And then, there is the exceptionally rare instance where nature creates a chrysoberyl that exhibits both phenomena, chatoyancy and color change. The gem in this ring is exactly that, a very rare alexandrite showing the phenomena of chatoyancy - Cat’s Eye Alexandrite. Accompanying this gem is a GIA laboratory report describing its color change and stating the gem’s phenomenon as Displaying Chatoyancy. A magnificent example of one of nature’s rarest earthly creations, Alexandrite that displays chatoyancy, cat’s eye Alexandrite.