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Cobalt Blue Spinel

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Item Number: 200-02134

Vietnamese Cobalt blue spinel represents the epitome of gem value with ultimate Beauty, Rarity, and Durability. The Luc Yen District of Vietnam is famous for producing this amazing electric blue gem. No other blue gem compares to the Cobalt-rich spinel gems from Luc Yen. Blue sapphire matches spinel in Durability but fails to achieve the same neon brilliant blue color. Paraiba tourmaline and neon apatite can be awesomely blue but are nowhere near as strong and nowhere near as rare as cobalt blue spinel. The 0.24 carat cobalt spinel in this ring represents the very finest color this rare variety of spinel can show, pure neon, electric blue, and is accompanied by the GIA’s prestigious Spinel Report showing it to be Cobalt Spinel. Set in a luxuriously comfortable “link” design ring that was custom-made to fit and show off this incredible gem. It is precision crafted in 18 karat white gold with 168 micro pave’ set diamonds. Anyone who enjoys jewelry and especially a true jewelry aficionado would be extremely proud to own this ring. Please call or email for price.