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Celebration Diamond Ring

Price: Call for Pricing
Item Number: 100-00114

Acquiring a big diamond is always a celebration especially like the 3.68 carat diamond in this 18 karat white gold ring!  Each Diamond is unique in the way it handles light and how it displays its brilliance, fire and scintillation. The leading laboratories describe diamonds quite clinically.  Those with diamond experience and knowledge know that diamonds which grade the same in the laboratory can be very different visually for reasons beyond the scope of what information is on a laboratory report.  This diamond is graded by the GIA, ST color which makes it less rare and much less expensive than diamonds at the top of the color scale. We selected this diamond because of its extraordinary visual beauty despite the lower price it sells for.  It has “headlight” brilliance and a fireworks display of spectral colors and scintillation.  It is a marvelous specimen and a celebration of brilliance, fire and scintillation.  Click here to see a simple video capturing its performance.