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Cat's Eye Alexandrite

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Item Number: 200-02091

Gems in the phenomenal gemstone category are always of extra interest because they are phenomenal - meaning they perform an unusual effect with light. Perhaps the two most rare, expensive, and sought-after phenomenal gemstones are varieties from the Chrysoberyl family. When Chrysoberyl exhibits chatoyancy it is called Cat’s Eye so-called because with two moving light sources you can make the effect look like an eye-opening and closing. But the real magic of Chatoyancy is that in a fine cat’s eye chrysoberyl the gem can trick your eye into you seeing the gem levitate.
The other phenomenal variety of chrysoberyl is Alexandrite. Named after Tsar Alexander Emperor of Russia at the time of its discovery in Russia’s Ural mountains. Known as the candlelight gem because alexandrite exhibits the phenomena of color change. The fine examples have powerful, profound color change, changing from Green or Blue in sunlight (fluorescence light) to Red or Purple in incandescent (candlelight). 35 years ago there was a new discovery of chrysoberyl in Hematita Brazil producing alexandrite so amazing that the producers had to bring the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) scientists to their mine site to prove the gems were natural. Hematita produced a quality of both cat’s eye and alexandrite chrysoberyl never before seen.
And then, there is the exceptionally rare instance where nature creates a chrysoberyl that exhibits both phenomena, chatoyancy and color change. The gem in this ring is exactly that. A very rare alexandrite showing the phenomena of chatoyancy. Cat’s Eye Alexandrite. Accompanying this gem is a GIA laboratory report describing its spectacular color change from Blue-Green to Purple with no mention of any brown, gray, or yellow color component commonly seen in alexandrite from other areas of the world. Then the report states the gem’s Phenomenon as Displaying Chatoyancy. A magnificent example of one of nature’s rarest earthly creations. Masterfully designed and set in a custom-made platinum ring surrounded by Grundberger Hearts & Arrows D color VVS clarity diamonds. Rarity and wonder with craftsmanship to satisfy the most discerning connoisseur. Price on application.