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Black Opal Ring/Pendant

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Item Number: 040-00295

Out of all the varieties of opal, the Lightning Ridge Black Opal continues to be the most iconic and the most valuable. Discovered in a tiny town in the Australian state of New South Whales (the same state where Sydney is located) a little over 100 years ago. A recent discovery in terms of gems and human history. In the late 19th century when Lightning Black Opal first hit the consumer market in western Europe jewelers thought for sure the Australians were trying to fool them, that no way could something this beautiful and spectacular be natural.
Today, Lightning Ridge Black Opal continues to be the market standard barrier like the gem in this ring. A beautiful oval outline with a bright play of all spectral colors against a black background. A healthy color bar is associated with a thick robust black potch bar free of sand, sericite, or any lighter coloration. The opal weighs 2.76 carats and has an accompanying GIA gem identification report showing its base color as Black. The dual-purpose design is a lot of fun with the versatility to remove the setting and wear the opal either as a pendant or a ring. Masterfully crafted in 18 karat pink gold and set with 16 incredible Grunberger Hearts and Arrows colorless/flawless diamonds with a total weight of 0.76 carats. Not just for those who love opal but for any jewelry collector, lover, or aficionado.